Watch Vailankanni Feast 2013 Live

If there is no Mass scheduled you will not be able to watch anything since the stream will not be active.

Watch Live Mass from Our Lady of Healrth Vailankanni Church in Vailankanni, The Mass will be streamed live every day when the Mass happens in Vailankanni Church.

The Video stream is optimized to play in all devices and supports iPhone, iPad, Android devices.

6 responses to “Watch Vailankanni Feast 2013 Live

  1. Watch the 2013 Vailankanni Feast Live - Velankanni

  2. Sorry live not working over in catholic europe
    says: cannot load M3U8, 404 not found
    maybe someone else has working experiences?
    God bless all

  3. thx for reply, if it is working I would need a schedule of the times the stream is so I can tune in, pls.

    God Bless Vailankanni

  4. if you serach on utube you may find a live streaming when the flag hoisting ceremony is Happening,
    at least I could watch it…

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